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Orange Crush

Orange is the color of joy and creativity, promoting a sense of wellness and emotional energy such as compassion, passion, and warmth. With interiors, adding this color to a room will spark an interest that is stimulating and vibrant. While made up of red and yellow, it carries less aggression than red and balances out with the calmness of yellow.

Different variations of the color include pumpkin, fire, gold, copper, flame, brass, apricot, peach, rust, citrus, mandarin, tangerine. Orange can be used boldly or subtly to make a statement in a space with larger furniture pieces such as a sofa, lounge chair or as an accent with towels, throw blankets, pillows or art.

Orange pairs well with blue because they are complementary colors. The combined palettes are commonly used for representations of play and summer fun, depicting both the hot, summer sun and the cool, refreshing water. Adding blue balances out the bold impact that orange may carry for those who may not favor the color.

It is obviously a very warm color and often provides the sensation of heat. While it is commonly associated with summer and the hot sun, it is also often associated with being the main color of harvest and autumn due to the changing color of the leaves and pumpkins. Because of this association with change, orange is often used as a transitional color or to represent a transition or change of some kind.

The color orange also relates to social communication, stimulating two-way conversations. As it is both visually and mentally stimulating, it gets people thinking and talking. It can be great for accent walls in the living room, dining room or other social areas of the home.

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